He's fishin'


Big Bad Barbarian Lady

Hagniss "The Barbarian" Werberger

Donning her flowing curly hair, poofy fur pants and little tooth necklace, Hagniss takes the center stage for the entirety of this story. Dawning a brain about the size of a pebble with the strength of a legion of elephants, Hagniss bursts her way into the Way-Out Back facing an adventure she's never dealt with before. Taking challenges head on and never looking back, Hagniss is always the type to act first and think second, all while letting her happy-go-lucky attitude grab the wheel on the road of adventure. She tends to look on the brighter side of life with a smile for everyone new she meets... just so long as they're nice. With her good little pal Hat lying tightly on her head, and a sharp, dangerous axe rested in the grasp of her hand, Hagniss is always ready to sieze the day with her tough exterior and charming outlook. And hey, who knows, she might even think you'd make a great for a friend. Especially if you've got food!

Family: Gramma Angela, Lil Cousin Trixie, Bernyard, Hat, Mother Maja (deceased)

Hobbies: Breaking things, eating, bullying, fighting, attacking, cooking and then eating, getting money, eating again.

Favorite food: Deep-fried rhinoctopus with soy sauce, preferably with a Mooncow Milkshake to wash it down.

Fun facts! Hagniss is bilingual in over 10 different languages. She can speak and understand traditional English, along with wild boar, northern elf, fhorn beast grunts, punk rock-goblin, and more!

Weird Little Tongue Beast


The kooky creature that rests on Hagniss' head is the creatively named "Hat", a Fhorn Beast that's been alongside Hagniss her entire life. Communicating in growls, hisses, snarls and grumbles, this fierce little freak is quite the fighter when it comes to altercations. He uses his strong and muscular frog-like tongue to his advantage, curling it up like a fist and beating the snot out of anyone in his way with it. He also dawns some sharp claws, a pointy set of chompers, and some piercing horns. Like grilled cheese and tomato soup, Hat and Hagniss are two perfect peas in a pod. One would be significantly less without the other, so they always make sure to stay side by side.

It's Leonard!

Leonard Scale-de-Hall

Stingy, old, and full of cigar smoke, Leonard is a fern-green dragonfly about the size of a big maine coon cat, full of cranky thoughts and plotting money-grabbing schemes. He's from the wealthy, insect-ridden city of Tri-town, where he spends his days scamming fools of their jewels, and spending all of his profit at Big Eddie's Big Bug Bar. Leonard knows where everything is, who everyone is, and exceeds in monetary knowledge. All he wants in life is gold, dollars, gems, seeds, eggs (and the ladies). Unfortunately for him, Leonard crosses paths with Hagniss after she loses her way from the village. At first, Leonard dismisses her, trying to “throw away the ugly broad” and lets wants her to get lost in the Way-Out-Back on her own. But once he takes note of her excessive strength, Leonard realizes there might be more to this chick than meets the eye...

Talents: Fishing, gambling, complaining, smoking cigars, flying, singing, and is a whiz at piano and the fiddle!

Ex-girlfriends: 12

Favorite food: Fried dandelions with a side of gnat wings and honey sauce.

Fun facts! Leonard’s body can repair itself - in other words, if his tail or limbs were to fall off, he could grow it back in a few hours. He’s cooked and eaten his own tail before, but he “doesn’t like to talk about it”.

It's Kurf!

Kurf Gurf

Kurf is a resourceful, intelligent and capable little Fare that is always down to help out anyone. Or rather, anyone that isn't roommate. His only flaw would have to be his incurable laziness and frequent tendency to act like a slob. He can't clean up after himself whatsoever, and might be a little on the smellier side. But regardless, he's a great resource to have, and an even better friend. He's also kinda fat. If you picked him up he would feel like a little beanbag.

Family: His best pal EVER is Magis. He's got a sister... and a grandpa... and I guess his roommate, Leighton? That guy sucks though.

Hobbies: Slouching, eating, snoozing, hanging out with his best bud Magis.

Favorite food: Pom Clou Fruit!

Fun facts! Kurf and Magis are incredibly close friends. The two have known eachother since as long as grass has been green... and they're not separatin' any time soon!

It's Magis!

Magis the Magician

Not much is known about the mysterious, immortal (not invincible) shapeshifting entity that is Magis. He's... some kind of scarecrow? That wears sneakers? Weird... he also tells Hagniss he's an all-knowing "master" of warping reality into what he wants it to be. But at the same time, he can change nothing about the fate of the world around him. He knows how it all will end, how it all began, and if you just let him read your palm, he can see your whole life from start to finish... for some reason, he labels these powers as his "curse". Magis is a very popular figure in the Way-Out-Back, so much so that it leaves those who have met him pretty split on how they feel about him. To some, he's known for wandering about, getting lost, being rather off-putting, and just being creepy. But to others, his charisma and positive outlook make him a great entertainer (especially at kid's birthday parties!), and he's a fantastic dentist. Just what is his deal though... and why's so interested in Hagniss?

Family: Magis is the only being of his type in the universe. He has no parents, siblings, cousins, anything of the sort. He is, however, happily married to his lovely immortal wife, and is frequently accompanied with his best pal, Kurf.

Hobbies: Messing with people, lying, spreading misinformation, reading palms, bending things that shoudn't be bent, writing jokes, petting animals, making tea.

Favorite food: Magis doesn't need to eat, as he has no stomach, but he still does it anyway. He's quite fond of spaghetti peperoncino.

Fun facts! Magis is so old, there are some history books that have drawings and pictures documenting him. He's not one to do anything significant, though, so you'll probably find him in the background of somewhere important.

Granny and Lil Cuz!

Gran'ma Annie and Lil' Cousin Trixie

Together since day one, Granny and Trixie are two powerful partners in crime. Since her parents are.. out of the picture, Trixie's main caretaker has always been Gran'ma. They do everything together, from shopping, to schoolwork, to scolding Hagniss, to chores, fights, etc. Gran'ma loves to treat Trixie to the proper knowledge on how to be responsible and grow up to be smarter than the rest of the family, but Trixie tends to brush it off. She'd rather be like her big cuz, Hagniss! She's just way too cool!


One Eyed, One Eared, Dreaded Pointy Pirate Leader

Captain Misha Klopps

The mysterious and powerful Captain Klopps is the dangerous leader of the One-Eyed Sea Dogs, a gang of sea-bound weirdos that pillage and destroy towns as they please. Dawning a sinister all-watching captain's hat and leering high at over 7ft tall, this deadly war criminal only seeks to take and steal from others to benefit his own crew. But he's still a man of "code", as he likes to call it... he only takes from villages that "really deserve it", whatever that means. When he washes up on Ustabend, however, he finds that while there may have been a lack of resources, there's certainly a story to unfold within the town, piquing his interest. Also, how'd he lose that other ear?!? He won't tell me!!

The lovely lass herself.

Ms. Amida

Ms. Amida is a rather peculiar criminal; she was a language professor somewhere offshore who abandoned her past job as a result of "pay complications"... as she likes to call it. (In reality, she had a violent altercation with a student... it's still unknown how the staff of the university never noticed the baseball bat in her desk drawer!) As a result of this loss, she decided to use her translation capabilities to garner some quick cash in the crime world. No pirate would take her in until Barkjaw the Buccaneer stood forth. Now with someone to translate his... "accent"... the two stuck together thieving and pickpocketing bigger pirate crews amongst the sea, one of which, in the past, was actually Klopps's crew!


Bernyard Westgold Werberger

A strong and ominous warrior, Bernyard is the father of Hagniss and her older brother, Bill. His incredible strength and overbearing presence has, for his whole lifetime, made him a force to be reckoned with. After many years as a scarred, exhausted widower, Bernyard takes what burns him up inside the most and lashes it out on the family he has left, leading to a terrible departure. He currently is out on his own.